Love Needs You to Reach Out Your Warm Hands/by sophia spa

2018-06-27 13:07:31 admin

"In my desolate old age,it's the student who really accompanies me.Even if my son loves me,he cannot each out his hands,even the true love has become the false one.Instead,even if the student's affection to me is false,he has helped me for more than a decade without complaint,even the false love should also be the true one!" This was one passage from an old man's will. The old man collected many priceless antiues when he was alive,but hi wife died early leaving him three sons. After brought up,they all went abroad. Luckily there was a student,following him up in and out to take care of him. His children often called back and told the old man not to be cheated by the student, saying that the student was for is money.but the old man always answered like this,''I'm not a fool!" Yes,before love,none is fool. After the old man's death,the lawyer read the old man's will,In the will,the old man gave more than his half collection to that student. The key to love,lies not in the mouth or in the mind,but in reaching out a pair of your warm hands!

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