Yoni Massage-part of tantric tradition

2019-05-07 23:10:56 susan

Within Tantric tradition, women are admired and the yoni is honoured just like the male Lingam is worshipped and adored. The ‘Shiva Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for the male phallus and gentlemen can enjoy a Lingam Massage. In fact, in many ancient cultures there were traditions that respected women as powerful sexual initiators. Ancient teachings from Egypt, Arabia, Tibet and Greece acknowledge such traditions. Sadly, in many cultures today there is a lack of such respect for female sexuality. This attitude is reflected in many languages which do not refer to the female genitalia with high regard or praise. Nobody should make women doubt themselves and their desire to explore their bodies and desires. We should embrace sensuality with confidence and vehemence. It is important to celebrate our sexuality with a perfectly poetic shanghai yoni massage. You will feel like a gorgeous Goddess. Our Masseur Yang simply LOVES giving seductive massage pleasure, as do many of our delightful pretty girls Celebrate Your Female Sexuality with A Shanghai Yoni Massage There is a massive difference between penetration of the yoni and a Tantric yoni massage. As aforementioned, with a sensual tantric yoni massage, the female genitalia are worshipped. There is no furious thrusting ‘in and out’ action. The object of this massage is not orgasm. On the contrary, the aim is to achieve a deep sense of intimacy, warmth and comfort. Your entire body is lovingly caressed, adored and seductively stroked, sensually awakening your entire torso. All your tension will melt away allowing you to become emotionally and physically uplifted. Some of our female massage recipients release strong emotions, shed tears or cry a river. This is normal. The power of touch is incredible and we all subconsciously crave it. The explosive release of a full body massage culminating in an earth-shattering orgasmic ending is very often the very therapy we need! 



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