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It’s a safe and Poetic form of massage that is designed to invigorate your after a long week at work. Add some cerebral and physical intimacy into your life with one of our Poetic Tantric Massages – a glorious form of adult relaxation, which incorporates a fabulous fusion of body to body massage excitation, transporting your Tantric adventure to a whole new level of sensual enlightenment. Your Personal Tantric Masseuse uses her entire nude, lithe body to glide and slide against your tense and tired torso. Our naked body to body massage slides are gentle, seductive and rhythmic, coaxing and arousing you to the very core of your being, bringing you to the pinnacle of climax time after time, until finally you experience an earth-shattering release of tension. Such intimate massage therapy can only be described depending on which Tantric Massage Service the customer chooses. With an Elite body to body massage shanghai company such as Sophia Massage, you should expect to receive a full body nude massage, merged with Swedish massage techniques, Tantric Therapy and body to body massage pleasure. This means that your personal Masseuse utilises her feminine body as a massage tool, surprising you with sensual touch and teasing you with her generous body2body gliding sensations. Slippery and sensuous, with pure, natural Poetic massage oil, your Tantric seductress will increase your arousal, your libido and orgasmic potential. These massages are titillating and seductive – but must not be mistaken for sexual intimacy. Body to Body Massage promotes attention to every millimetre of your body and combined with Tantra it encourages appreciation of the recipient’s body. The body to body Massage --Shanghai Sophia Massage Practice is based on the principle of Tantric Massage ethics and is performed in order to free your mind and body from accumulated daily stress. Despite being based on the massage of the entire torso, there is zero sexual interaction. The Tantric body to body Massage helps You to prolong your sensual experiences.