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The Bund

Located on the bank of the Huangpu River in Shanghai's central district, the Bund is Shanghai's skyline and is a must-visit destination for tourists. The Bund, also known as Zhong Shan Dong Yi Lu, is about 1.5 kilometers in length. With Huangpu River on the east, there are 52 buildings with different styles in the west, such as Gothic, Romanesque, Baroque, and Western-style. It is called the “Architecture of the Whole Country”


Pearl of the Orient

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower, also known as the Oriental Pearl Tower, is located in Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, adjacent to the Huangpu River and across the river from the Bund. With a height of  467.9 meters, it is Asia's highest and the world's third tallest tower, second only to Canada's  CN Tower (553.3 meters) and Russia's Ostankino TV Tower (540.1 meters). Therefore, it is one of Shanghai's landmarks


Cheng Huang Temple

Cheng Huang Temple, originated from ancient water (god) yong (the city) sacrifice, is one of the eight gods of the "zhou palace". "City" originally refers to the excavation of high walls, "god " originally refers to the trench without water. The ancients built the city to protect the safety of the people in it, so they built high walls, towers, gates, as well as ditches and moats. They believed that the things closely related to people's life and production safety were gods, so the city and god were deified as the protection gods of the city. Daoism incorporated it into its own system of gods, calling it the god who cut off evil, defended the country and protected the nations, and took over the souls of the dead.


Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

Nanjing road pedestrian street is located in Huangpu district of Shanghai, west to xizhang Zhong  road, east to Henan Zhong  road, there is a dark red marble pedestrian street of both ends Shipping, above is President Jiang Ze Min personally inscribed "Nanjing road pedestrian street" six characters. The pedestrian street, completed on the 50th anniversary of National Day, has transformed Nanjing road into another beautiful new sight in Shanghai.


A Day Tour of Shanghai

Starting at 8:30  at people square in the morning , visit the country [China Museum], [China Art Palace] feel Chinese contemporary arts and humanities sightseeing time (60 minutes) visit [Germany life experience pavilion experience about western life culture (45 minutes) car tour Shanghai first bridge across the river, NanPu Bridge Was China's first high-rise "world financial center" (about 90 mins) overlooking the lujiazui financial district skyscrapers all nations buildings, Huang Pu river scenery, the bund, Shanghai beautiful night view panoramic view about (90 minutes), visit the "believe it or not exhibition" watch the 100 Guinness book of world records, allows you to stimulate your senses jaw-dropping (45 minutes) about visiting experience immersive 3D fun magic pavilion about photography pleasure (30 minutes) to visit Shanghai only recently pedestrian tunnel sightseeing tunnel by unmanned sightseeing cable car] across the Huang Pu river bottom and reach the other side on the bund, During this period, You adventure  the world's top | voice | light | stereo combination effect, which makes you wonder and sigh the feeling of crossing the space-time tunnel (about 20 minutes) visit beautiful night view in Shanghai all nations old buildings then go to  [the luxury cruise ship to swim the Huangpu river (60 minutes) , feel the charm of Shanghai beautiful night! Visit Shanghai representative architecture (about 20 minutes) to visit [Wai Bai Du Qiao  Bridge the most prosperous ancient city   good temple Yu Yuan garden (60 minutes) walk feel eastern Paris, Nanjing road pedestrian street shopping paradise (about 40 minutes) end of Nanjing road at 5:30 PM , happy trip.


Note: foreign tourists are accompanied by interpreters. The price is 600/6 hours plus transportation fee



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