2019-01-20 22:23:54 Sophia

We are Sophia Spa, international, based in Shanghai. Now we have vacancies to fill for massagists, waitresses and receptionists to work with us 

1. Requirements

We prefer massagists, waitresses and receptionists who want long-term cooperation. 

FYI:  You should be between 20 to 40 years old (if you feel great about your skills, just ignore the age limits. We value specialists and team leaders), and well-shaped. We want to recruit responsible and hardworking employees who could serve our customers appropriately. You also need to be honest and communicative. We don’t insist on work experience since our company offer training with salary. As you could see, we are open and kind. All applicants should be fluent in English.
2. Wages
For massagist: You take 50% share of each project. Anticipated disposable income may be from 500 to 1000 dollars per day. We guarantee 3 to 4 projects per day at least. Please contact wechat: poeticmassage for more details. 

For receptionist/marketing personnel: After massagist takes 50% of the project income, you get 15% of the rest. Do not hesitate, it’s also a lot money. Just one giant piece of the big cake. 

3. Principles
a. We advocate the cooperation. We are always vigorous to help coagents set up new business/subbranches.
b. We work 6 hours a day. We run human-based business. We ensure your safety. We even solve your problems. 

4 Tariffs

New York City outside service: 220-260dollars/90minutes

Shanghai outside service: 1000-1300RMB /100Minutes

5 Feed back 

We encourage both clients and customers to feedback to us. Gifts (gift cards, discounts, etc) would be sent to every sincere feedback rater. Contact information see below.


Mobile+86 13701656690



WhatsApp:+86 16621073890

Shanghai Office Address: No.668 East Beijing R.d,Science and Technology Shanghai